Kindergarten students in my program are being exposed to the language for the first time so they are at the NOVICE LOW level of proficiency. Given the intense focus on the development of English in the regular school day, much of the focus of the language program is on the aural/oral aspect and during the first two units, and as such, the language teacher is usually the one doing the writing, while students "narrate" or tell what it is that they see. It is not until the third and fourth units that students are asked to write/copy words on a more regular basis.

NOTE: At this level, when students are asked to "describe" the expectation is that they will produce a list of isolated words to describe and not use phrases or sentences in their descriptions.

Unit 1 Making "sense" of Spanish class: the five senses, limited body parts, classroom objects
Look at the sculpture. Label the parts of the face.
Retrato de Joella (Dalí)
Name the parts of the body you see in this painting.
Figura (Picasso)
Look at the painting. Tell the parts of the man you see. List what is missing.
Pintura: Hombre con pipa (Miró)
Identify the parts of the body related to the 5 senses in this painting.
Cabeza de mujer llorando (Picasso)

Unit 2 My family: immediate family members, physical characteristics, hair and eye color
List the people you see in this family
Retrato de la familia del pintor (Manzano)
Name the family members in this painting.
Los duques de Osuna y sus hijos (Goya)
You are the little boy in the red suit. Tell how three people are related to you.
La familia de Carlos IV (Goya)
Look at the girl in the pink dress. Label her family members.
La familia Barrio (Tegeo Diaz)

Unit 3 My pets: domestic animals, animal activities
Name the pets in this painting.
Entrada de los animales en el arca de Noé (Bassano)
La visión de San Huberto (Rubens)
Write the names of the animals you see in this scene.
Cacería de liebres (Anonymous)
Label the pictures with the animal names.
Niños jugando con gato (Castillo)
Bodegón de peces y tortuga (Recco)
Perros en traílla (Goya)
Tell what the animals are doing in these paintings.

Describe the pet in this painting.
Retrato de bufón con perro (Anonymous)

Unit 4 My school: school places, school objects, school activities, locations