Images Online

During the creation of this wiki, I was fortunate to be spending the summer in Madrid and have access to many museums where I was allowed to take my own high resolution photographs in some museums. When I saw a work that I knew would be useful in my program, I simply snapped a picture of it and took closeups of any particular parts of the work that would benefit my students. Those photographs reside in my flickr account. However visiting museums isn't always possible so we turn to the internet.

Most museums today have some sort of online presence and many of them offer a digital gallery through their site that is searchable by author or title. I have found that typing a topic or vocabulary word into the search box produces good results and allows me to choose from many paintings that relate to my curriculum. A search on the Prado web site for the term "familia," for example, yeilds 60 paintings. Once you select the paintings that you want, most museum sites will allow you to download materials for educational purposes. However, each site is different and it is important to observe all copyright laws when using works of art or any other materials created by someone else.

This list is just in its infancy and I continue to add resources as I find them. Please feel free to send links to me via email at so that I can add them here.

Museum Web Sites
Red Digital de Colecciones de Museos de España (database of 188,000 images from 72 museums in Spain)
Museo Nacional del Prado (4000 images with link to high resolution versions)
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Moderno Reina Sofia (works searchable by author or title)
Museo Sorolla
Museo Picasso Málaga
Museu Picasso (Barcelona)
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Madrid)