Curriculum Framework
These are the curricular units in my own language program. You can find specific works of art and writing prompts for various units by clicking on the grade-level specific pages.

Making "sense" of Spanish class: the five senses, limited body parts, classroom objects
My family: immediate family members, physical characteristics, hair and eye color
My pets: domestic animals, animal activities
My school: school places, school objects, school activities, locations

1st Grade
My Life at Home: extended family members, houses, rooms in a house, activities
Visiting the Farm: farm animals, characteristics and colors, farm products
What's in the City: community helpers, city locations
At the Market: market places, fruits and vegetables, shopping

2nd Grade

3rd Grade
The World Around Us: geography, landforms, origins and locations
Animals of the Galapagos: animals, physical characteristics and body parts, movement, color and description
Chocolate Grows on Trees: plants and trees, foods

4th Grade
Exploring with Pizarro: transportation, explorers, natural resources
Water, Water, Everywhere: weather, the water cycle, seasons, water-related activities
The Puerto-Rican Rainforest: tropical animals, animal characteristics, movement and habitats

5th Grade
My Life in the City: city places, maps and directions, after-school activities, family members and other people
Healthy Me: sports and athletic activities, physical descriptions, foods and eating habits
Healthy Planet: rainforest and African animals, environments and habitats, ecological threats and solutions